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Welcome to the Monster Stories guide! I will be giving you information about this amazing game. This kind of game is made after the achievement of Dragon City. The artwork and breeding game play is very identical.

The only thing that they will added even more was the PvP aspect. The monsters in the game have special abilities and different attacks you can use. Dragon City didn't have that, so it was a nice addition.



There are almost 8 basic elements in the game. They are simply fire, water, earth, electronic, nature, darkness, magic and light. Each aspect is possesses its strength and some weakness.

Fire is usually strong against Nature

Characteristics is good from Magic

Special is good vs Light

Light excellent against Shadowy

Dark is excellent vs Earth

Earth great vs Electric powered

Electric is fantastic against Normal water

Water can be strong compared to Fire

This can be a basic factor weakness which might be exploited to your advantage when fighting with each other in the Monster arena as well as PvP.


For proliferation, you have to breed of dog the different factors to get the best creatures in monster legend cheats the game. The monsters will be grouped into your following types:

Common -- The most basic monsters such as Firesaur, Treezard etc .

Uncommon - Hybrids in the common guys.

Rare - These are harder to obtain than uncommon types.

Epic -- These can be breed using rare monsters.

Legendary -- The most potent of them all. Place only be obtained breeding epic monsters.


Each component has their unique habitat. Cross types monsters can stay in their very own respective component habitats provided that they have that element. For instance , a Greenasaur has an part of Fire and Nature. By natural means, it can remain in either the fireplace or Nature habitat.


Generating Gold

Each one monster posseses an earning probable. Depending on the form of monster type you have, the gold you earn each minute can vary.

Getting Food

You may get food by building food farming. These provides the food you need to level up the monsters. As you get to larger levels, the volume of food expected will get up and up. You can not use feeding all of them too much fantastic by preventing in the excursion map in order to get encounter to level up.